Latest Update On 01 November 2018


Saturday 20th October 2018 was a VERY memorable day for us as 2 INDEPENDENT professors / scientists, Prof Se’bastien Lavoue’ (France) and Prof Khairul Nizam (Malaysia) came to the farm to collect DNA samples of our fish for scientific purposes. They are there to determine once and for all, MAYBE JUST MAYBE to redescribed the scientific name of Scleropages Formosus to INCLUDE Scleropages “Trinitos” (Latin word for “Trinity”)!!! for our blue / purple arowana??? just like the Red Arowana (Scleropages Legendrei) AND Red Tail/ High Back/ Indonesia Golden (Scleropages Aureus) which have been REDescribed. Please refer to the scientific report of “The different colour varieties of the Asian Arowana by Laurent Pouyaud, Sudarto and Guy G. Teugels :- Cybium 2003, 27(4) pg 287-305.

Prof Se’bastien was astonished and pleasantly surprised by the colour variations, unique features and stunning natural beauty of our fish as he has just published an article on arowana “A review of the systematic biology of fossil and living bony-tongue fishes, Osteoglossomorpha”- 11TH OCTOBER 2018 Neotrop. Ichthyol. Vol 16. No 3 Maringa’ 2018 Epub Oct 11th, 2018. Prof Khairul Nizam has goose bumps! all over his body when he saw our fish and after hearing our Mr Chua briefing. However, to redescribe a fish in science is not an easy matter. The genetic diversity or variation of the fish must be genetically distinct before it can be considered as “new to science” or “a newly discovered species”. What ever the result of the DNA test, we are committed to release some of our purebreeds (ONLY) into the wild for the future generation AFTER we have determine our fish bloodline from the DNA test. It is VITAL that one should NEVER introduce an “alien” or invasive species which is not native to the ecosystem of that area which can cause severe harm to the environment and ecosystem just like the domesticated cats and rabbits that turn feral in Australia and snakeheads fish “Channa” in America. All steps must be taken to determine the fish pure bloodline first and its origin prior to its release. We are committed to science on the Re-discovery of a new arowana species!! Who knows, through these DNA samplings, TGA purebreed maybe some of the rearest or critically endangered arowana still in existence in the world.

Latest Update On 3 October 2018

Hi everyone,

Just came back from a wild and exciting adventure in the heart of the oldest rain forest in the world collecting wild arowanas F0 from its natural habitat. A journey full of challenges through the numerous rapids, leeches seeking to suck you up!!, centipedes crawling among the dried leaves on the jungle floor, falling into Endau River at 11.00pm in 30 feet of water and sometimes on all 4 limbs manoeuvring through the thick jungle just to reach those small creeks where the babies are located. Dangerous but exciting at the same time. Just like salmon, arowana in this part of Malaysia actually swam up stream from the main Endau River into small shallow streams (about 6 inch deep) located some 800 meters from the main river. In Kerian River, Perak, the father fish actually releases the babies in Kerian River itself among certain vegetations unlike Endau River arowanas. Glad to report that there are still some green arowana left in the wild unlike the blue / golden varieties of Kerian River. The last time I managed to see one wild F0 was in 2009. TGA is on track to release some of the F2 purebreed fish (2 – 3 years old) into Kerian River in the near future. We will conduct a comprehensive DNA test on the fish and place a transponder on each fish to track their movement in the wild via satellite before releasing them back into their natural habitat again for the next generation of mankind to enjoy mother nature gifts to us.

Here are some pictures of our premium fishes for you to enjoy. When you own our premium avant garde fish, you will be given a special certificate (only 1 in the entire world) setting out the details of your fish and its parents bloodline. The certificate is placed in a beautiful hand made holder together with a write up setting out a brief descriptions of the fish origin. TGA is different from other breeders and always will be different as we truly loves arowana deep inside our heart. TGA:- Forever true natural beauty as intended by nature.



Latest Update On 20 July 2018

Hi everyone,

Absolutely wonderful and fantastic!! At last, TGA has F3 fishes in such quantities and qualities ready to reveal to the arowana hobbyist world. The father fish is a Pond 21 100% Selama F2 Purebreed. FC No: 0859 was harvested on 22nd June 2018 with 19 healthy and beautiful babies (F3). The father fish itself was born in the farm Pond 25 on 22nd August 2014 through father fish FC No: 5222 (stage of development 20 days old, quantity 44 pieces). We even have the video clips of the harvest of 2014!! Only true, dedicated and sometime crazy people like us will do such a thing. How many breeders in the whole world that you know actually take videos of their fish harvest and the owner actually go into the pond himself and remove the baby fishes from the father’s mouth?? Here are the babies now. Very proud of our achievement. Available for viewing soon!!!

Check out the latest fishes which are available for sale now. Please look at the DOB ie date of birth of the fishes carefully. They are YOUNG fish. Unlikely other breeders and dealers who deliberately stunt their fish to enhance their colour?? (like a bongsai tree). Such method is absolutely abhorrent for true fish lover like our founder. Just like using chemicals and artificial lightings to enhance the colours. Absolutely unacceptable and disgusting. If a girl is already beautiful, do you want her to use make up?? That’s one of the reason why TGA was founded so that TRUE hobbyist can see and compare for themselves what true original arowana looks like as nature intended them to be. Let us enjoy God’s creation.


Latest Update On 31 March 2018

Happy Easter everyone,

We are please to inform that we have further expanded our quarantine areas by adding 20 new 4 feet (L) x 2 feet (W) x 18 inches (H) aquariums to cater to our rapid expansion of our export business. Our dealers from Japan, China and Korea have visited and bought a lot of TGA fish recently at the request of their respective customers. We visited China recently and were surprised to be informed that although our China dealer has been dealing with fish for the last 25 years, he has yet to see such fish like TGA’s. Mind you, he has NOT bought a single arowana from Malaysia for the last 5 years!!! Also, we have several ardent and serious arowana hobbyists from overseas who visited our farm recently just to see first hand the beauty of what wild arowana fish lineage / bloodline looks like. They left the farm with an experience of a life time where only true fish lovers will ever understand.

Our founder started TGA because inter alia, he couldn’t acquire the most beautiful nishikigoi (koi fish) from Japan. However, TGA has some of the most genetically elite and prestine lineage of arowana in the world, Malaysia is the ONLY country in the whole world (just like Panda can only be found in China, Kangaroo in Australia and Kiwi in New Zealand) that have wild Blue / Golden crossback arowana. We have the golden opportunity to breed TGA Kerian Blue lineage fish. We have finally successful in breeding a super elite true blue crossback arowana like the one in the pictures. This particular fish was placed in a white fibre glass tank for about 2 months to raise it. That’s why it’s colour is whiteish! But take a closer look at its individual scales. We believe the fish DNA has “jumped” and it’s a genetically elite and prestine lineage of TGA arowana fish. We have place the fish into an individual tank. Let’s see how this fish develop in the near future. That fish is one of the most unique fish our founder has ever seen in his life, such satisfaction money cannot buy. An achievement we are very proud of. We are trying to be a takumi (a Japanese word for “artisan”) in relation to arowana fish. We will never give up. There is a dream to fulfill.

Our latest fish collections ready for sale.

Latest Update On 11 January 2018

Happy and Blessed 2018 everyone

It was an exciting month of Dec 2017 and will be a fantastic 2018 particularly in our conservation of TGA blue arowanas which we sincerely believe them to be a completely and genetically distinct variety from the existing red, golden, green etc. arowanas.

Our founder has met and made contacts with several scientists / professors in UK recently with the vision of conducting DNA test on TGA blue arowanas and their eventual release to certain wild areas of Kerian River, Perak, Malaysia. Each fish has been individually micro chiped and will have a transponder (tracking device via satellite) inserted on them to trace their movement and whereabout after their final release into the wild. We have already placed these future candidates in our mud ponds to condition them. The water parameters, vegetation, diet and soil mineral content are exactly like their wild counter parts. Also, these fish are already mature ie.> 3 years old.

Our Malaysia Chinese newspaper, Oriental Daily on 4th Jan 2018 published an article on our conservation and preservation effort of blue arowana. With such interest in our work, we sincerely hope that this year will be the year to release some fish into the wild expecially during the flooding / monsoon season in Nov and Dec. Together, we can make a different so that we and future generations can see these arowanas swimming in the wild again.That’s why TGA was formed in the first place.


Please Click: 【农情】保育繁殖 纯种龙鱼再现美丽

After all these years, finally we are able to breed in such quantity those outstanding and magnificient individual pieces for the most discerning hobbyists in the world to choose. It took years of hardwork and deep passion to accomplish such a difficult task. Let the pictures of those fish speaks for itself.
Latest Update On 23 November 2017

TGA will be exhibiting some 46 pieces of our arowana at Taiping Mall Perak, Malaysia from 8th to 10th December 2017 at the First Bukit Merah International Arowana Competition and Show. Here are some of those fish pictures. It will be a fantastic opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED for SERIOUS arowana dealers, lovers, hobbyists and enthusiasts to see our fish up close and personal and to compare the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our fish with those in the market. Let our fish speak for itself.

It is very simple to give / assign a name to one fish like Bagan Samak or Alor Pongsu fish without having to offer any evidence supporting such claims. It took TGA more than a decade to collect our brooders and reach our current stage in our preservation and conservation of Malaysia Crossback Arowana in particular Selama and Bagan Samak bloodline. We assure you that you will be able to tell the differences in our fish immediately IF you truly are a serious arowana hobbyist or have some basic knowledge in science (e.g. genetics/ genome) of wild arowana bloodline. For most people, talking is cheap. To preserve and conserve is not easy. Maybe someday, the scientific community can come together and declare that our blue arowana is genetically distinct (a new specie) from the common golden variety and take steps to conserve and preserve this highly critical and endangered species like the newly discovered 3rd variety / specie of orang, utan Pongo Tapanuliensis or Tapanuli orang utan in Sumatera, Indonesia and maybe give it a new scientific name, scleropages trinitos!!!

Latest Update On 23 October 2017

Hi everyone,

Praise the Lord. After more than 1 ½ years of waiting, Bagan Samak (Purebreed) (P19) and Alor Pongsu x Selama (Mixed Purebreed) (P11) fish finally managed to produced some babies.

1. Bagan Samak:- The last successful harvest of its’ babies was 16th December 2015, almost 2 years ago. There are only 11 brooders / parent fish (F1) in Pond 19. It takes a lot of effort and patient to produce these highly endangered species / bloodline.


2. Alor Pongsu x Selama:- The last successful harvest was 1st March 2016 (20 babies at the time of harvest). The quantity of babies of each previous harvests ranges from 10-19 babies only (2015 - 2016). How to preserve these special bloodline with such low production rate?? Unceasing dedication and love for these fish!! Mind you, the colour of these fish are very very special ie Green Blue x Purple Blue. Outstanding fish.


Our buyers, especially from Japan have asked us over and over again why so few babies from purebreed and mixed purebreed bloodlines? I guess that’s why these fish are almost extinct, if not already extinct in the wild Kerian River especially Selama bloodline which was last seen in 1998!! If TGA is purely a commercial entity, we would have closed down long long time ago. It is because of our unceasing and unwavering passion to preserve and conserve these truly and magnificent BLUE Malaysian Crossback that we achieved some thing we are very proud of today. All our shareholders are successful businessmen / professional in their own way. TGA is not establish purely for commercial purposes. So, if there are any person out there who sincerely shares our founder’s passion to release some of these Selama pure bloodline into the wild river again, please let our founder know as he already has sufficient matured (3 years and 2 months old) purebreed Selama fish ready and conditioned to be released into the wild. We are challenging the scientific world out there to preserve these unique and distinct fish from extinction. Don’t let greed and our selfish ambition ruin the beauty God Almighty has created for us and our children to cheerish and to love.

Latest Update On 21 AUGUST 2017
Hi everyone,

There is a misconception among hobbyists that arowana is a solitary fish to be kept alone by itself in a tank. We wish to debunk this myth. Arowana could be kept together in a common aquarium or fibre glass tank provided certain important rules are followed:-

1. The minimum aquarium or fibre glass tank size should be 5 feet x 2 ½ feet x 2 ½ and above. Our founder used to rear 12 pieces of fully matured fish in a 8 feet x 2 ½ feet x 2 ½ feet aquarium with lots of room to spare. If not for his wife, he would have reared more!!! Our current 8 feet x 4 feet x 3 feet fibre glass tank houses 28 pieces. A 5 feet x 2 ½ feet x 2 ½ feet aquarium can house 6 fish comfortably.
2. All the arowana must be about the same size when first introduced into the aquarium. Obviously, a bigger fish might attack a smaller fish.
3. All the arowana MUST be placed in the tank AT THE SAME TIME. This is to prevent any fish from claiming its own territory. Failure to adhere to this principle might caused the last fish to enter the aquarium be attacked by the dominant fish.
4. Small fish, 3-5 inch, if raised TOGETHER from young will avoid a lot of in fighting as they are already familiar with each other since young. Moreover, young fish is much cheaper!!! Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Always remember, we are fish lover first..
Latest Update On 21 AUGUST 2017
If you have the opportunity, do come and visit our farm which is fully equipped and furnished with all modern amenities including WiFi. Oh yes, you can also swim with the fish in one of the 2 mud ponds specifically reserve for our enjoyment in the farm. So come to TGA where true hobbyists come together to share a common passion. We breed beautiful arowana as nature intended.
Latest Update On 01 JULY 2017
Hi everyone,

Summer is here. Below are some of the many fish which are available for sale. So, come and choose your favourite fish which are available on a first come first serve basis. Only the most beautiful fish for hobbyists like you. Enjoy and be happy.
Latest Update On 01JUN 2017

Hi. We are proud to inform everyone dealers, wholesalers and hobbyists alike that TGA has finally managed to breed such quantity and quality of Malaysian Crossback Golden/ Blue Arowana for export all over the world. It took us several years and we have finally reach our goals. TGA fish are generally divided into 3 categories.

1. Purebreed: - In TGA we only classify our fish as purebreed if we are 100% certain that the grandparents (F0) fish are 100% from the wild (Kerian River) AND of the SAME location. Those fishes which are available for sale in TGA are the babies from F1 and F2 brooders. At the moment, we have Selama and Bagan Samak Purebreed babies, (F2 and above) for sale to the general public (in small quantity) as we wish to preserve and conserve these bloodlines.

2. Mix Purebreed: - Like Purebreeds above, both their grandparents (F0) are 100% from the wild BUT they are harvested by the fishermen in the 80’s and 90’s from different areas of Kerian River. Lubok Buntar x Bagan Samak (Pond 8), Selama x Alor Pongsu (Pond 11) and Changkak Lobak x Alor Pongsu (Pond 20) are some of the examples. Just like Purebreeds, all the characteristics of a wild fish are found in these F2 and F3 babies.

3. Kerian River Bloodline Fish: - We categorized these fish as such if we are NOT 100% certain that the grandparents are from the wild. Although they are 100% Malaysian Crossback Golden/ Blue Arowana, we cannot determine its bloodline origin with absolutely certainly. Like other hobbyists, our founder bought some of these fish from breeders and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, individual Collectors and hobbyists both from the cities and the villages near Kerian River and put them in their respective ponds.

Below are some of the pictures of the parent fish and their babies which are ready for sale on a first come, first serve basis. Enjoy yourself.

NOT ALL AROWANA breeders are alike. In order to enhance the colour of the fish, unethical breeders AND dealers intentionally STUNT their fish. The minimal amount of food given is shocking and amounts to animal cruelty. Because they are unable to obtain these true “blue” arowana bloodline, they have to resort to stunting their fish just to given them some “colour”. How low can one go!!!! Question? Why they couldn’t find these bloodline?? It all boils down to human greed. When the demand for arowana was SUPER strong in the mid 2002-2006 as long as the price offered by the buyer is right, breeders and/or dealers will sell their prize possession without second thought! However, they failed to realize that the wild fish from the Kerian River could face extinction. Such uncontrolled harvesting of wild Parents fish are unsustainable. Sadly, some varities actually reached the critical stage today. When you buy TGA fish, not only are you assured of its bloodline and originality, you do not contribute to its demised. In fact you are helping us to preserve and conserve these bloodlines. LIFE is NOT ONLY about money. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THESE PEOPLE. Look at the signs of stunted fish, i.e., the exceptional size of the fish eyes, dark colours of the tail, dorsal and pectoral fins, etc. We are fish lover first. Not businessman. We DON’T depend on these fish as our source of income. Each of us are already successful in our own field.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.50 PM.jpeg (1080×606)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.52 PM.jpeg (1080×592)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.53 PM.jpeg (1080×488)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.54 PM.jpeg (1080×472)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.55 PM.jpeg (1080×446)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.56 PM.jpeg (1080×602)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.57 PM.jpeg (1080×558)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.34.59 PM.jpeg (1080×588)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.01 PM.jpeg (1080×607)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.27 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.29 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.30 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.31 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.32 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.34 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.39 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.40 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.41 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.42 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.50 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.51 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.52 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.53 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.55 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.35.58 PM.jpeg (1080×718)WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 12.36.00 PM.jpeg (1080×718)
Latest Update On 27 MAY 2017
IMG-20170527-WA0011.jpg (220×128)IMG-20170527-WA0012.jpg (220×128)IMG-20170527-WA0013.jpg (220×128)
IMG-20170527-WA0014.jpg (220×128)
Latest Update On 12 MAY 2017

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to inform that TGA has come a long way to preserve and conserve the Original Malaysia Crossback Blue / Golden Arowana (Purebreed) from extinction. Not only have we managed to breed the purebreed Selama and Bagan Samak Arowana varities (i.e. F2 and F3) in such quantities that these purebreed are no longer threatened with extinction, we also regulate the sale of such protected bloodline in a sustainable manner. These purebreed are endemic and can only be found in Kerian River in the state of Perak, Malaysia and NO other place in the world just like Panda which can only be found in central China only. TGA is proud to work with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora) Secretariat in Geneva via our Malaysia CITES PERMIT A-MY-571 to trade in these endangered purebreed arowana. So come to our farm and see how an endangered fish specie are bred and raised. As we have said many times before, only those special hobbyists can truly appreciate the natural beauty of an original purebreed arowana. So come, see and compare our fish with other breeders. You can tell the differences immediately! Why?? Because TGA arowana fish are bred with full of love, pride and passion. AND MOST IMPORTANT of all, the bloodline are from the wild fish as designed by nature, not man.
TGA-Cert-1.jpg (750×1179)

TGA-Cert-2.jpg (700×1098)

TGA-Cert-3.jpg (700×1098)
Latest Update On 23 JAN 2017

14th January 2017 was a historical day for TGA. Pond 24 father fish Chip No : 1343 (last 4 digits) produced 30 fully developed baby fish. It is significant as it was the very first time this manificent father fish carried babies in it’s mouth since it was released into Pond 24 on 5th September 2013 (Thursday). It was previously kept in another farm since 2010 where “MacArthur” (in honour of General Douglas MacArthur of WWII) produced more than 100 offsprings which are today the proud fathers and the back bone of most of our Kerian River Bloodlines. Our founder bought MacArthur in February 2008 (true hobby always remember !!!). We are confident that the parentages of MacArthur are from TRUE wild Kerian River as the fish was bought from a breeder who in 2008 was known to have kept several WILD Selama, Bagan Samak and Alor Pongsu Fish (the cradle of BLUE Malaysia Cross Back Arowana). However, we cannot classify MacArthur as Pure Breed or Mixed Purebreed like our fish in Ponds 19, 25 or Pond 11 as we are unable to verify 100% of its origin. For our Purebreed or Mixed Purebreed fish, our founder actually interviewed and video recorded such interviews with the actual fishermen who caught WILD AROWANA fish in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. They are currently in their 60’s & 70’s.

So if you are REALLY serious about arowana and truly loves the ORIGINAL arowana as nature intends them to be, please visit us. TGA preserve and conserve only Malaysia Blue/Golden Crossback Arowana. We don’t have Red, Green, Silver, Hi Back, Banjar Red, etc or any other mix breeds of the above. Our mixed purebreed fishes are actually 100% wild fish bloodlines where their grandparents are from the wild Kerian River. Only the locations where the grandparent fish were caught are different.

p3.jpg (1024×600)p1.jpg (1024×600)p1.jpg (1024×600)
Latest Update On 01 JAN 2017
A Very Happy and Blessed New Year to each and every one of you. In conjunction with this new year and chinese new year celebration on 28 & 29 th jan 2017, tga is having a once a year special promotion on most of its fish. We are giving 20% or more discount on all tga fish depending on its size and bloodline. So hurry and visit us in january 2017 for that special fish.

Just like in January 2016, the year 2016 ended with tga exporting to our same dealer and friend in Japan 21 beautiful pieces of exceptional quality fish (as shown in the pictures ).What makes this delivery particularly special to us is that our friend from Japan trusted us so much that they dont even have to come to tga to choose those fish themself .Indeed it is a great honour for us that we share the same principle of "co-existence" and "co-prosperity" in our dealings where integrity, honour ,mutual concern and respect plays a vital role in an arowana industry which seems to have lack these principles lately! So be assured that tga is and will continue to be different from other breeders. Only tga brings such exceptional quality fish to such exceptional hobbyist and dealers like you.
IMG-20170101-WA0038.jpg (960×1280)IMG-20170101-WA0037.jpg (1280×960)IMG-20170101-WA0039.jpg (1280×960)
IMG-20170101-WA0040.jpg (1280×960)IMG-20170101-WA0041.jpg (1280×960)
IMG-20170101-WA0042.jpg (1280×960)IMG-20170101-WA0043.jpg (1280×960)
IMG-20170101-WA0044.jpg (1280×960)IMG-20170101-WA0045.jpg (1280×960)IMG-20170101-WA0046.jpg (1280×960)
Latest Update On 21 DEC 2016
TGA here to wishing all of you merry Christmas and a blessed new year .
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)
IMG-20161221-WA0055.jpg (1080×452)

Latest Update On 29 NOV 2016

Hi Everyone,
It has been a historical month of October, 2016 for us as TGA managed to havest more than 150 pieces of top quality arowana from Ponds 3, 6, 9 and 25. It is both a very rare and special occasions to harvest such a quantity!! Just look at the babies. Are they not simply beautiful! Also, just look at the pictures of their gorgeous father fish. Most of these fish will be ready for sale in January 2017. So come and view them for yourself.

IMG-20161128-WA0038.jpg (1070×1280)IMG-20161128-WA0024.jpg (1069×545)IMG-20161128-WA0027.jpg (1030×536)
IMG-20161128-WA0028.jpg (1280×694)IMG-20161128-WA0023.jpg (1251×602)
IMG-20161128-WA0022.jpg (1280×738)IMG-20161128-WA0021.jpg (1280×680)IMG-20161128-WA0020.jpg (1083×766)
IMG-20161128-WA0019.jpg (1280×858)IMG-20161128-WA0018.jpg (1069×351)

Enjoy the close up pictures of TGA fish. These pictures speak for itself. So, come to us if you want that special and exquisite piece of arowana fish brought to you from the bottom of our heart from people who truly loves fish. Only beautiful and special fish for special hobbyist like you.

IMG-20161128-WA0025.jpg (1280×465)IMG-20161128-WA0026.jpg (1033×562)IMG-20161128-WA0029.jpg (1086×382)
IMG-20161128-WA0030.jpg (1280×401)IMG-20161128-WA0031.jpg (1280×603)IMG-20161128-WA0032.jpg (1106×415)
IMG-20161128-WA0033.jpg (1280×429)IMG-20161128-WA0034.jpg (1280×544)IMG-20161128-WA0035.jpg (1280×470)
IMG-20161128-WA0036.jpg (1280×456)IMG-20161128-WA0037.jpg (1280×506)
Latest Update On 29 OCT 2016

We are very happy to announce that our fish won 4th Prize in the recent 2016 Taiwan Aquarium Expo (Arowana Category Competition). It is more satisfying for us when a hobbyist turn conservationist managed to win such a prize in just a few years. As we had said many times before, we have deep passion for arowana as we are truly fish lovers. Our fish is a relatively young fish (3 years 3 months old). Born on 30th June 2012 to father fish Micro chip No 1828101343 of Pond 24. To win with such a young fish makes the victory even more special. Although arowana fish achieve sexual maturity when they are 3 to 4 years old, the true characteristics and natural beauty of a Malaysian Crossback Arowana are only observed in fish which are 6 years and above. We sincerely believe that with deep passion and unwavering commitment to preserve and conserve the true and original Malaysia Crossback Arowana whether they are blue or golden, we will be able to bring to the arowana world a fish where all level of arowana lovers can appreciate the natural beauty as nature design.

IMG-20161027-WA0000.jpg (1280×720)IMG-20161027-WA0001.jpg (1280×771)
IMG-20161027-WA0002.jpg (1280×720)IMG-20161027-WA0003.jpg (1280×720)
Also, our recent Oct 2016 harvest was a great success. We have many babies from Pond 3, Pond 6, Pond 9 and Pond 25 bloodlines which will be ready for sale beginning early January 2017. So come and visit our farm the soonest possible to pick for yourself those special fish which you desire. As we have often said in TGA, special fish is only for special hobbyist like you. Just look at the father fish pictures to appreciate their beauty.
IMG-20161027-WA0004.jpg (1280×694)IMG-20161027-WA0005.jpg (1280×837)IMG-20161027-WA0006.jpg (1280×781)
IMG-20161027-WA0008.jpg (1280×789)IMG-20161027-WA0009.jpg (1280×782)
IMG-20161027-WA0010.jpg (1280×678)IMG-20161027-WA0011.jpg (1030×536)IMG-20161027-WA0012.jpg (1280×680)
IMG-20161027-WA0013.jpg (1280×720)IMG-20161027-WA0014.jpg (1069×545)IMG-20161027-WA0015.jpg (1280×697)
IMG-20161027-WA0016.jpg (1280×819)
Latest Update On 29 SEPT 2016

Surprise!!! What types of arowana are these 5 special fishes born on 3rd August 2016 to father fish chip no 7110160336 of Pond 4? As was mentioned in our earlier updates including 22nd April 2015, some of the fishes in Pond 4 have platinum bloodline like “Shiro”. Shiro brothers and sisters are in Pond 4 also. As were mentioned many times in our previous updates, TGA ONLY breeds Malaysian CROSSBACK Blue / Golden arowana. We DON’T breed any other varieties like red, Indonesian golden, green, silver etc or Crossbreed like golden x red, red x green, banjar red x golden etc. TGA preserve and conserve the true Malaysian Crossback blue / golden arowana. These 5 pieces are indeed very special. They don’t have the colours or features of normal Malaysian crossback. TGA only call our fish Purebreed or Mixed Purebreed WHEN AND ONLY WHEN we are 100% certain of the origin of the grandparents or parents fish EVEN THOUGH ALL TGA fish are 100% Malaysian CROSSBACK BLUE / GOLDEN AROWANA. That’s why TGA fishes are very special. One of its kind. Time will tell what these 5 fishes will grow up to be. A new variety genetically distinct fish??? Malaysian Crossback evolution??? Please be assured that inbreeding of TGA arowanas are kept to the very minimum. We don’t have F4 and above fish for sale in TGA. Because TGA bloodlines are special, the fish health will not suffer and its lifespan will increase. Our founder has seen one fish with his own eyes of which the owner has kept that fish (presumably wild caught fish) since 1982 i.e. 34 years old.

IMG-20160929-WA0011.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0010.jpg (1055×590)IMG-20160929-WA0009.jpg (1150×600)
IMG-20160929-WA0006.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0007.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0008.jpg (1150×600)
IMG-20160929-WA0016.jpg (1095×600)IMG-20160929-WA0013.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0014.jpg (1150×600)
IMG-20160929-WA0015.jpg (1095×600)

Do you know that in TGA, the water parameters, soil / minerals compositions and vegetation surrounding our ponds are the same as those of the natural habitat of wild arowana found in Bukit Merah Dam and Kerian River? We try to replicate the natural environment and all the requirements of the wild fish in a control situation in the farm. The only difference is that the fish in the ponds cannot escape to the surrounding river!! As such, occasionally we managed to CATCH!!! instead of harvesting “wild” baby arowana which were born and raised NATURALLY by their father in all sense of the words in the pond without any human interventation of having to remove the eggs / fries from the father’s mouth. Just like in our past updates of 29th November 2014, we CAUGHT!! 5 pieces of Pond 9 fish on 25th July 2016. It is our observations that pond caught fish! are very different from their counter parts (those removed from the father’s mouth by humans) as they are more aggressive in particulars its territory, feedings and also their colours. Please look at our past updates of 29th November 2014 to appreciate their colours and body shape (very thin, big eyes and longish). Always remember, TGA was established a few years ago by people who truly love fish. We put our money where our month is so that serious hobbyist can really enjoy the true and real Malaysian Crossback arowana including those pieces CAUGHT in the pond. That’s why TGA is different.

IMG-20160929-WA0025.jpg (1172×600)IMG-20160929-WA0026.jpg (1115×600)IMG-20160929-WA0022.jpg (1150×600)
IMG-20160929-WA0023.jpg (1178×600)IMG-20160929-WA0024.jpg (1049×633)IMG-20160929-WA0019.jpg (1130×571)
IMG-20160929-WA0020.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0021.jpg (1150×600)IMG-20160929-WA0017.jpg (1150×600)
IMG-20160929-WA0018.jpg (1150×600)
Latest Update On 26 AUG 2016

We are very proud to announce that todate we have released 26 pieces of Selama 100% purebreed fish borned in 22nd August 2014 to father fish chip no: 5555505222 into Pond 21. This is significant in our preservation and conservation effort of this extremely rare and threatened with extinction species. With the co-operation of world scientists and people who truly cares of preserving endangered animals, we are ready and committed to release some of these magnificent fish back to the wild, in their original habitat in Selama, Kerian River. Anybody who shares and is truly committed to this vision can come to our farm. Food and accommodation (with full modern amenities including WI-FI!) will be on us during your stay with us. Together we can make a different so that the world we are living in will have a rich eco system and more bio diversity for the next generation to enjoy.

mmexport1472118073519.jpg (900×457)
mmexport1472118077160.jpg (900×509)
mmexport1472118084041.jpg (900×478)

Also, we have recently sent 3 boxes of fish to Taiwan mostly of the mixed purebreed and purebreed varieties. Our dealer in Taiwan has been buying our fish consistently for years. TGA fishes are some of the most luxurious and beautiful fish in Taiwan. Only the best fish for the best hobbyist.

mmexport1472188878671.jpg (1280×854)mmexport1472188885458.jpg (1280×854)mmexport1472188890912.jpg (596×600)
mmexport1472188899715.jpg (960×1280)mmexport1472188908812.jpg (960×1280)mmexport1472189009554.jpg (960×1280)
Latest Update On 29 JULY 2016

Sawadee Kap. Welcome to our July 2016 updates. We are pleased to announce that our friends from Thailand have visited us recently and bought our fishes for the Thailand and Indochina markets. Although they have been dealing in arowanas from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for more than half a decade, they were pleasantly surprised of the NATURAL beauty of the ORIGINAL Malaysia Blue Crossback Arowana, such beauty they have yet to encounter before. But most importantly, we have met another crazy!!! fish hobbyist who turn his deep passion for tropical fish into his way of life. Only with such devotion could one acquire their dream fish. If you wishes to purchase a fish of such beauty designed by nature, why don’t you follow your heart and contact a dealer nearby you.

IMG-20160728-WA0005.jpg (960×1280)IMG-20160728-WA0004.jpg (900×506)
IMG-20160728-WA0006.jpg (900×506)
IMG-20160728-WA0007.jpg (900×506)
Konnichiwa, Our friends in Japan will be pleased to know that more people in Japan will be able to purchase from our Japanese dealers, Kakuda San, more TGA fish as we have on 27th July sent 12 boxes of our fish to the Japanese markets. As we have said all these while, we stand by the quality and natural beauty of all our fish specially bred with deep passion and dedication to conserve and preserve the Original Malaysia Golden/Blue Crossback Arowana. If you look back at those books and magazines published in the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s, you would be able to see these wild blue Selama, Bagan Samak and Along Pongsu fish in those publications. These wild fish have been in steep decline since 2004-2005 due to habitat lost, polution and most of all the removal/harvesting of the wild parent fish. TGA is dedicated to bring back such natural beauty as nature designed. We don’t “make up” nor stunt our fish where their colours will fade in time and growth/size unnatural. Hobbyist must learn to tell the different between such fish from those as nature designed.
IMG-20160728-WA0008.jpg (900×506)IMG-20160728-WA0009.jpg (900×506)IMG-20160728-WA0011.jpg (900×525)
IMG-20160728-WA0011.jpg (900×525)IMG-20160728-WA0031.jpg (900×506)

Just check out the following fish and judge them for yourself. Don’t just choose a beautiful fish but a special piece where you can enjoy for years to come and be proud of. Be a leader and be different. How boring it will be for a hobbyist to buy a ”golden head” only to have its golden/yellow colours fading away in a few weeks!!!

IMG-20160728-WA0012.jpg (900×549)IMG-20160728-WA0013.jpg (900×657)IMG-20160728-WA0014.jpg (900×428)
IMG-20160728-WA0015.jpg (900×429)IMG-20160728-WA0016.jpg (900×525)IMG-20160728-WA0017.jpg (900×627)
IMG-20160728-WA0018.jpg (900×473)IMG-20160728-WA0019.jpg (900×513)IMG-20160728-WA0020.jpg (900×482)
IMG-20160728-WA0021.jpg (900×463)IMG-20160728-WA0022.jpg (900×512)IMG-20160728-WA0023.jpg (900×509)
IMG-20160728-WA0024.jpg (900×536)IMG-20160728-WA0025.jpg (900×427)IMG-20160728-WA0026.jpg (900×507)
IMG-20160728-WA0027.jpg (900×505)IMG-20160728-WA0028.jpg (900×421)IMG-20160728-WA0029.jpg (900×378)
IMG-20160728-WA0030.jpg (900×449)
Latest Update On 24 JUNE 2016

We are pleased to inform that our fish have reached another part of Japan. Yamada Kouki of Fukuoka (Kyushu Island) has received his fish chosen in April safely and in good condition despite having spent 24 hours in several boxes, from the time of packing the fish in individual bags at the farm in Bukit Merah through the air ports and several government departments and finally reaching Yamada San shop in Fukuoka, Japan. We sincerely hope more and more serious hobbyist around the world can really enjoy the true, natural and original beauty of F1 & F2 TGA fishes. Bred with passion and conviction by serious hobbyist for hobbyist like you.

IMG-20160623-WA0001.jpg (505×896)Picture12.jpg (990×1120)
IMG-20160623-WA0003.jpg (896×504)IMG-20160623-WA0004.jpg (896×504)IMG-20160623-WA0005.jpg (896×504)
IMG-20160623-WA0008.jpg (896×504)IMG-20160623-WA0009.jpg (896×504)

IMG-20160623-WA0006.jpg (504×896)

Our fish has todate reached America when one hobbyist from America bought our fish which was sold to our Taiwan dealer earlier this year. We are truly amased by our US friend’s action and passion for arowana fish.
IMG-20160624-WA0007.jpg (869×759)
IMG-20160623-WA0010.jpg (1024×626)IMG-20160623-WA0011.jpg (929×493)IMG-20160623-WA0012.jpg (1024×554)
IMG-20160623-WA0013.jpg (930×458)IMG-20160623-WA0032.jpg (1024×602)IMG-20160623-WA0014.jpg (1024×592)
IMG-20160623-WA0015.jpg (1024×494)IMG-20160623-WA0031.jpg (1024×498)IMG-20160623-WA0016.jpg (827×386)
IMG-20160623-WA0017.jpg (1024×579)IMG-20160623-WA0018.jpg (842×373)IMG-20160623-WA0030.jpg (841×630)
IMG-20160623-WA0019.jpg (938×519)IMG-20160623-WA0029.jpg (1024×657)IMG-20160623-WA0020.jpg (1024×586)
IMG-20160623-WA0021.jpg (1024×546)IMG-20160623-WA0028.jpg (1024×682)IMG-20160623-WA0022.jpg (1024×650)
IMG-20160623-WA0027.jpg (1024×516)IMG-20160623-WA0026.jpg (1024×619)IMG-20160623-WA0025.jpg (1024×624)
IMG-20160623-WA0023.jpg (1024×610)IMG-20160623-WA0024.jpg (894×570)
Latest Update On 24 MAY 2016
Hi everyone, Welcome to our May updates. TGA farm is located nearby and draws our ponds water exclusively from Bukit Merah Dam (built by the British in 1906). Recently, the Dam suffered its worst water crisis in history where at one point only 14% of its water was left in the dam despite having a water catchment area of 480 sq km !!! The pictures herein clearly shows the severity of the situation. A local attraction at a nearby water theme park has to be temporarily closed because there is no water to operate the boats. All water for farming was stopped by the authorities. Only limited water supply was released from the dam to be treated for drinking purposes for the 200,000 inhabitants in the Kerian Valley. The local 30 odds fresh water fishmen were unable to catch fish and feed their family for 2 months. It was a very desperate time for a lot of people especially the arowana fish breeders.
IMG-20160521-WA0014.jpg (720×1195)
IMG-20160521-WA0006.jpg (900×600)IMG-20160521-WA0007.jpg (900×600)
IMG-20160521-WA0008.jpg (900×600)IMG-20160521-WA0009.jpg (900×600)
IMG-20160521-WA0011.jpg (900×600)IMG-20160521-WA0012.jpg (900×600)IMG-20160521-WA0013.jpg (900×600)

However, TGA is proud to say that despite the water crisis suffered by the rest of the arowana farms located in Bukit Merah and its surrounding areas, this turn out to be one of the proudest moment of our farm. With proper planning since the setting up of the farm and the usage of natural science and green technology incorporated in our daily operation of the farm, our fishes not only survive but thrive in such an adverse conditions TGA is not only proud of our fish quality but also the RELIABILITY and AVAILABILITY of such exquisite pieces through out the year whatever the circumstances. Fish buyers and dealers can be confident that we have ready stocks for all seasons. The pictures below speak for themselves. Enjoy them.

IMG-20160523-WA0007.jpg (1280×613)IMG-20160523-WA0008.jpg (1083×543)
IMG-20160523-WA0009.jpg (1280×625)IMG-20160523-WA0010.jpg (1280×625)IMG-20160523-WA0011.jpg (1159×563)
IMG-20160523-WA0012.jpg (1280×590)IMG-20160523-WA0013.jpg (1280×694)IMG-20160523-WA0014.jpg (1280×729)
IMG-20160523-WA0015.jpg (1056×583)IMG-20160523-WA0016.jpg (1280×618)IMG-20160523-WA0017.jpg (1280×695)
IMG-20160523-WA0018.jpg (1280×719)IMG-20160523-WA0019.jpg (1224×714)IMG-20160523-WA0020.jpg (1280×590)
IMG-20160523-WA0021.jpg (1280×674)IMG-20160523-WA0022.jpg (1280×719)IMG-20160523-WA0023.jpg (1158×504)
IMG-20160523-WA0024.jpg (1280×853)IMG-20160523-WA0025.jpg (1280×790)IMG-20160523-WA0026.jpg (1280×853)
IMG-20160523-WA0027.jpg (1280×679)IMG-20160523-WA0028.jpg (1210×683)IMG-20160523-WA0029.jpg (1280×719)
IMG-20160523-WA0030.jpg (1280×719)IMG-20160523-WA0031.jpg (1115×542)
Latest Update On 26 APRIL 2016

Hi everyone. We are please to announce that more TGA fishes have landed in Japan. They arrived in Narita Airport Tokyo on 13th April 2016. We are also honoured that Yamada San has come to our farm recently for 4 days to purchase TGA fishes. TGA mixed purebreed and TGA Kerian Blue F1 fishes will not only be available in Honshu Island, Japan but will reach the city of Fukuoka, Japan Southern Kyushu Island. Fellow hobbyists in Kyushu Island will enjoy these beauties next month, May, after the quarantine period and documentations are in placed. Patience friends!

For Serious Arowana enthusiasts, mother nature has revealed its secret to us for the very first time ( all captured in video clips taken by amatures, sorry !) :-

The morning before harvest at about 5.45am 2nd April 2016. The father arowana carries his precious babies in his big mouth. (Please take a closer look at the video clip especially when the father fish turns. You may have to see the clip a few times to really appreciate the beauty of this clip ) The clip was taken with a hand phone on one hand and torch light on the other hand! The father fish only allow us a few seconds to take its pictures before it dived bank into the pond.

The actual harvesting of the father fish was carried out in the same afternoon. Just imagine the excitement and tremendous mental torture of having to wait from 5.45am to 6.00pm prior to harvest. Our hearts almost jump out of the chest during these period of time. We were wondering how big/old is the baby fish/eggs and how many they were in the father’s mouth ; and

Removing of the 28 healthy babies from the earthen pond and placing them unto the incubation tank. What a beautiful conclusion. TGA is not only a business entity but was set up with the purpose of disseminating all possible information relating to arowana.

For SERIOUS arowana enthusiasts, please check out the following clips, to see the true beauty and colours of PUREBREED Arowana fish. TGA do not claim to be the biggest arowana farm in the world and will never do so as we concentrate on quality not quantity. However, we do claim to have TRUE and ORIGINAL BLOODLINES of wild arowana fish. We would like the scientific world to come and independantly verify these claims so that together we can preserve and conserve the original arowana fish before it becomes extinct !

Latest Update On 23 MARCH 2016
Welcome to our March, 2016 updates. It has been a very busy March as our Japanese buyers came on 8th – 11th March. Also, we have now expanded our operation to the 2nd Floor of our main building by adding many new glass and fibre glass tanks to house our TGA Kerian Blue Kerian River F1 fishes, in particular Pond 9 & 14 fishes. We are very please to announce that our Pond 9 have several pairs of parent fishes which were harvested on 8th November, 2015. Briefly, our Pond 9 fishes consist of 2 batches of fishes from 2 different farms. Arguably, the best of southern and northern Peninsula Malaysia farms ( in the early days ) of which our founder painstakingly collected over the years after lots of tears, pain and suffering, not mentioning all those heart ache, time and money expanded in his quest to hunt for the best of the best fish which finally resulted in the best of both world in Pond 9. Although we know for a fact that the northern farm fishes have wild fish (Kerian River) bloodlines, in particular of Alor Pongsu and Bagan Samak varieties, we can only classify Pond 9 baby fishes as TGA Kerian Blue. We will not classify our fishes as pure breed or mixed pure breed unless and until we are 100% certain that the parentage are from the wild AND the exact location(s) where the grand parents Fo were harvested. TGA motto is “To Preserve and Conserve”
We also wish to inform that there are a lot of people out there including oversea dealers who claim that their blue fish are Bagan Samak fish, so fetching a very high price. If TGA blue arowana fish can be so easily classified and sold as Bagan Samak fish instead of just TGA Kerian River F1 TGA Kerian Blue, TGA would have make a lot of money and at the same time Bagan Samak fish would not have become extinct or highly endangered!!! When was the last time, any one out there claim to have seen a young 5 inch true wild Fo Bagan Samak fish? (2004-2005!!). If you claim to have seen one, any idea which fisherman caught that fish? How much did the breeder pays for that fish? What about Selama fish? (1997-1998!!). That is why a lot of people heard about Bagan Samak fish only but very few actually heard about Selama fish. We would also like to announce that our Japanese friends will be coming again in early April to choose their choice fish for resale in Japan this summer. So do come early and choose you dream fish. Summer is fast approaching.
IMG-20160413-WA0027.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0029.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0030.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0031.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0034.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0035.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0037.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0038.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0039.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0040.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0041.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0043.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0044.jpg (900×416)
IMG-20160413-WA0045.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0046.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0047.jpg (900×410)
IMG-20160413-WA0048.jpg (900×410)IMG-20160413-WA0049.jpg (900×461)IMG-20160413-WA0050.jpg (900×410)

Latest Update On 27 FEB 2016

Konnichiwa every body. It is with great pleasure for TGA to announce that TGA arowana has reached the land of the raising sun. 4 boxes of the highest quality fishes have touch down at Narita International airport, Japan at 7.30am Wednesday, 24th February, 2016. To our Japanese fellow hobbyists, a warm welcome to TGA arowana world. Our fellow arowana hobbyists in Japan can now enjoy and obtain these beautiful gems from our Japanese friend, NIwanRed Japan. Just look at the pictures of these fishes, personally selected by our friends, Kakuda & Hashimoto San themself from our farm. They will be coming again in March to choose more of these rare and beautiful fishes. As we have always said, special fish is for special hobbyists who truely appreciate the exquisite beauty of our fish, the original Malaysian Blue/Golden Cross Back arowana.


It is also with great pleasure for TGA to announce that TGA fish has now reached the shores of United States of America. Our friend in Taiwan who bought our fish in January, 2016 has sold the fish (Pond 5) to fellow hobbyists in America. We sincerely hope that fellow hobbyists around the world will truely enjoy and appreciate the true and original Malaysia Cross Back Arowana. Each specimen is proudly bred and raised to appeal to fellow arowana hobbyists who truly appreciate beauty designed by nature. Why settle for second best if you really loves arowana?

Latest Update On 19 JAN 2016

Happy 2016 everyone. It has been a very busy and exciting time for us as we sent several boxes of premium quality arowana fish to our Taiwan dealer on the 5th January, 2016. Just look at such exquisite pieces.

We are very please to announce that NIwanRed Japan has been appointed by TGA as our agent to sell/distribute our fishes in Japan in particular the Kerian River pure breed Selama & Bagan Samak varieties. Please ask our friends Kakuda San & Hashimoto San about the DETAILS of our fish origins and their arowana "hunting" experiences while in Malaysia. They stayed in our "boutique hotel" from 9-12 January, 2016. They actually prepared a list of arowana farms to visit (which they did) since it is their 1st visit to Malaysia.

After visiting so many farms, Bukit Merah Dam, Bagan Samak town & Kerian river (and the sites where fishermen actually catch & sold their arowana) and interviewing the fishermen themselves, we sincerely believe they really appreciate the origin and arowana fish bloodlines now in particular Selama & Bagan Samak varieties. Don't be fooled by claims that the arowana fish you see for sale are the Bagan Samak variety. They might be lightly blue. But do they have the metallic shine? Gold dust at the tails & golden ring at the edge of each individual scales? Please ask the seller these questions :-
From which farm did the seller/dealer obtained their fish from ;

Where were the parents/brooders fish being kept in that farm ;

The origins of the parents/brooders and their bloodlines. (both parent fish and not the father fish only) ;

Are the parent/brooders or grandparents from the wild. If yes, the exact location where the wild parents were caught and the location of the nearest town where the wild fish was caught. Arowana parents ALWAYS go to the same location each year to breed ;

Also, please ask him who is the fisherman who caught and sold that particular fish. They should know if they are telling the truth.

Generally, fishermen from 2002-2008 caught about 3-5 pieces a YEAR! An adult fish was usually sold for RM40,000-00. Sub-adult (about 15 inches) (RM25,000-00)and a small fish of 4-5 inches (caught in the wild in October-December) for RM11,000-00 (October-December is monsoon season where Kerian River raises up and the father fish releases a few pieces each day for 3-4 days in a 2 meters radius). Just think about this. If you are a fishermen, with an average income of about RM1,000-00 a month, can you not remember who you sold your fish to? The reason TGA is highlighting this issue now is that there are a lot of people out there including overseas dealers who claim their fish originated from Bagan Samak. Is it so easy to acquire a wild fish let alone BOTH father and mother fish from the same bloodlines having known the above facts? If TGA cannot determines 100% the bloodlines of both father and mother fish, we will classify that piece as TGA Kerian Blue EVEN if we know the father fish is 100% pure breed as NOBODY on earth sees the mother fish laying her eggs in the mud pond. That's why TGA is different.

Why top dealers from countries like Taiwan & Japan buy from TGA? TGA arowana is 100% bred and raised in TGA own farm. We DO NOT buy fish for resale EVER. Each TGA fish is unique as we know their individual parent fish history and BLOODLINES. Remember? TGA was founded by fish lover who bought his fish from well known arowana fishermen and their buyers and breeders in Malaysia. Question? How do we know which breeder/farm has the best and beautiful fish? Very simple. Our founder has personally interviewed, most of the old fishermen themself who sold their catch to these breeders where sadly some has since passed away (such interviews can be viewed in the farm). Almost all of the farm owners are businessmen who knows nothing much about arowana.These INVESTORS hired people to SEE!! whether there are babies in the father's fish mouth. As fish lovers, our founder, befriended these people who informed him which farm has those high quality fish AND in which ponds those fish are located. Remember!!! Those beautiful fish, from 2005 onwards, are very few and expensive as wild specimen, fo, have become extinct! expecially the Selama variety. That's why, people only heard of the Bagan Samak variety and not the Selama variety which were last harvested from the wild in the 1997-1998 period. Those investors are only interested in making money. They buy low grade arowana where they can "make up" "manufacture" or "shape" those fish babies later on. Sad to say, most of the fish in the market now days are such a fish. Hobbyist are cheated by these businessmen. Our founder was one of them. That's why TGA was formed as we want to preserve and conserve ORIGINAL arowana bloodlines for future generations to truly appreciate, whether it is of the blue or gold varieties. To preserve and conserve, we need to breed them. To breed them, we need to commercialized them (to a certain extent to cover all the high cost and expenses incurred). Like our friends, the overseas dealers/buyers, please come to TGA and personally select your dream fish. More so, since Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Latest Update On 23 DEC 2015
Seasons Greeting everyone. A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your love one. May there be more love, joy and blessing among fellow men next year. God bless you.
Latest Update On 20 NOV 2015
As the cold winter is approaching, why not come to the warmth of tropical trinity golden arowana farm where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Malaysia Crossback Arowana with all the modern facilities and comfort of a bo2tique hotel ALL in one place. Our founder travelled ALL OVER Japan many times through out the years to search for the special koi serious hobbyist desires. To avoid wasting so much time of travelling every where and having to changed hotels frequently, TGA was set up to be a one stop center to avoid such hassles. We have natural earthen ponds for swimming and fishing (catch and release please!) Also, such breath taking views. If you love nature, you will enjoy your stay with us. Kampung style with modern facilities.
1448017247677.jpg (900×600)1448017257828.jpg (900×600)1448017261664.jpg (900×600)
1448017268520.jpg (900×600)1448017273896.jpg (900×600)1448017279942.jpg (900×600)
1448017285972.jpg (900×600)1448017292207.jpg (900×600)1448017297172.jpg (900×600)
1448017301110.jpg (900×600)
We have sold most of our pond 5 and pond 24 (2-3 Years) fishes recently. However, we are glad to inform you that we have a number of small to medium fishes (from 11cm to 30cm) ready for sale although some have already been sold to a Taiwan dealer whom is expected to come in the next 2 weeks. We will be harvesting some of our fishes next weekend and in early December. So come and contact us for that special fish you always dream of. TGA fishes are for those special hobbyists who are different from the rest. Only the best will do. We are define by the choices we make in life.
1448017521035.jpg (1200×600)1448017526000.jpg (1200×600)1448017543702.jpg (1200×600)
1448017555084.jpg (1200×600)1448017566869.jpg (1200×650)1448017573022.jpg (1200×700)
1448017586184.jpg (1200×600)1448017566869.jpg (1200×650)1448017573022.jpg (1200×700)
1448017586184.jpg (1200×600)1448017594523.jpg (1200×550)1448017604383.jpg (1200×600)
1448017614576.jpg (1200×600)1448017622300.jpg (1200×600)1448017633980.jpg (1200×600)
1448017639904.jpg (1200×600)1448017648732.jpg (1200×600)1448017654394.jpg (1200×650)
1448017663039.jpg (1200×550)1448017673314.jpg (1200×600)1448017684140.jpg (1200×600)
1448017697603.jpg (1150×680)1448017706759.jpg (1150×680)1448017716115.jpg (1250×600)
1448017728330.jpg (1280×500)
Latest Update On 15 OCT 2015

We are very proud to show you the real/original TGA Malaysia Golden / Blue Arowana. The metallic shine of their scales, deep and intense colouration and body shape are truly beautiful and magnificent. Please be careful for they are people out there including overseas arowana dealers who are using our fish photos in their website to promote their fish although they do not buy any of their arowana from us . Get your favourite fish directly from us or our authorized dealers only and insist on TGA certificate or authenticity for the fish you intend to buy.

We are DIFFERENT from other breeders for we really love arowana. We’re serious hobbyists who turns conservationist and finally becoming breeders. To conserve, we need to breed those endangered / threatened species. That’s why, it tookTGA such a long time to produce these gems. Just look at such beautiful fish below.

1444799298910.jpg (1024×600)1444799301851.jpg (1024×600)1444799304711.jpg (1150×750)
1444799308048.jpg (1024×600)1444799320153.jpg (1024×600)1444799328859.jpg (1024×600)
1444799332056.jpg (1024×600)1444799334602.jpg (1150×750)1444799336851.jpg (1150×600)
1444799339324.jpg (1024×600)1444799341503.jpg (1024×600)1444799343914.jpg (1200×600)
1444799346510.jpg (1150×750)1444799349993.jpg (1024×600)1444799354085.jpg (1100×500)
1444799356813.jpg (1100×500)1444799359307.jpg (1024×600)1444799361540.jpg (1100×500)
1444799363953.jpg (1024×600)1444799366806.jpg (1100×500)1444799373228.jpg (1100×500)
1444799375978.jpg (1100×500)1444799379210.jpg (1100×500)1444799385704.jpg (1100×500)
1444799388125.jpg (1100×500)1444799392153.jpg (1024×600)1444799396005.jpg (1100×500)
1444799399384.jpg (1100×500)1444799403427.jpg (1150×500)1444799410528.jpg (1100×500)
1444799414354.jpg (1100×500)1444799417247.jpg (1150×550)
Latest Update On 24 AUGUST 2015

Just look at our P4 (formerly P5) slightly 2 years old HYBRID fish (harvested on 10th July, 2013). Magnificient in shape, size and colour. Some will be placed in a pond next week for breeding. We are preserving this unique bloodline for the future. All parent fish in TGA consist only of Malaysia Golden/Blue Arowana. TGA does not breed any other varieties of arowana. If TGA is not 100% certain that the parentage/bloodline of the fish is from the wild, we will consider the babies TGA Kerian Blue although some of the parent fish in the pond have wild fish (F0) bloodline.

1440260569715.jpg (1280×467)
1440260458726.jpg (1150×464)
1440260431874.jpg (1056×405)
1440260418008.jpg (1056×405)

Different batches of 6 inches and above fish ready for you to enjoy, all less than a year old! TGA does not purposely stunt the fish to enhance its colour artificially. Remember, TGA is also fish lover. We DO NOT place profit above the fish welfare. We want to preserve and conserve. All the fish you see are place in their individual tank with its own filters and power head. Much higher operating cost for us but beautiful natural fishes for you. Farm visitation for serious hobbyist is always welcome. We are ready to learn and share knowledge about Malaysia Golden/ Blue Arowana with you. Our founder travelled many times to Japan in the past years just to see some of the most beautiful nishikigoi (koi fish) in the world before TGA was established with the same goal. To breed and preserve the most beautiful MALAYSIA Golden/ Blue arowana in the world.

1440261944321.jpg (1230×583)1440261941882.jpg (1220×466)1440261938969.jpg (1178×468)
1440261933960.jpg (1178×468)1440261931598.jpg (1126×480)1440261929786.jpg (1280×464)
1440261926931.jpg (1280×567)1440261923803.jpg (1280×532)1440261921784.jpg (1272×475)
1440261919040.jpg (1280×612)1440261917107.jpg (1280×481)1440261914798.jpg (1280×603)
1440261912253.jpg (1105×536)1440261909253.jpg (1280×515)1440261906857.jpg (1280×594)
1440261904710.jpg (1181×506)1440261902667.jpg (1280×638)1440261900519.jpg (1072×499)
1440261898369.jpg (1280×499)1440261896177.jpg (1258×726)1440261893894.jpg (1280×495)
1440261891208.jpg (1280×592)1440261886304.jpg (1280×622)

Group photos of our small fish (3-5 inches) which are ready for sale next month. Simply beautiful at such young tender age, harvested in June and July this year. TGA PUREBREED fish are those whose grandparents are 100% wild fish (F0) AND from the SAME location where they are caught by the fishermen whose photos are in our website. TGA MIXED PUREBREED fish are those fishes (F2) grandparents fishes are 100% from the wild (F0) but were caught from 2 DIFFERENT locations [for e.g. Changkak Lobak (F0) x Bagan Samak (F0)]. The F2 fishes that are for sale are of wild fish bloodline. Their colours, shape and size are determine by the dominant gene of their grandparents (F0) and its parents (F1).

1440262210014.jpg (1280×306)1440262206542.jpg (1280×584)1440262203807.jpg (1072×410)
1440262200682.jpg (1280×310)1440262194623.jpg (1280×798)
1440262191126.jpg (1280×420)1440262187219.jpg (1280×516)1440262182661.jpg (1280×447)
1440262172775.jpg (1280×753)1437739244402.jpg (1280×710)
1440262160904.jpg (1280×373)
Latest Update On 24 JULY 2015

A warm welcome to our special guests from Japan who on 14th July purposely visited TGA (only) while travelling in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam in their quest to gather pictures and information for their magazine in Japan. After having just visited TGA only in Malaysia (for few hours), they left for Singapore in the same afternoon. Tanaka san of Shenron, a world famous high quality arowana importer in Japan, ( and his Japanese distributor were with one Toshiharu Ishiwata, a professional photographer and article writer of aqualife/arowana live magazine ( If you read Toshiharu business card carefully, it clearly asking people to keep a close watch on the evolution of arowana. We are proud that our guests have chosen us for we both shares the same passion ie we preserve and conserve original bloodlines of beautiful arowana. Our friends will be coming back again when more babies are available for sale in early September.

1437739041505.jpg (864×1152)1437739067586.jpg (864×1152)1437739059264.jpg (864×1152)
1437739053910.jpg (1152×864)1437739048635.jpg (1152×864)
Great News! The last 1 month has been an extremely busy time for TGA as babies from P5, P9, P11, P14, P18 & P20 were harvested. We are pleased to inform that Ahmad Pond No 1 bloodlines (AP1) are now no longer endangered. For your information, AP1 fishes are some of the most beautiful arowana that ever been produced in Bukit Merah. The original parents (prior to 2010) consists only of 9 pieces (6 hybrids & 3 Wild) in 1 pond located in Ahmad’s farm before they were relocated to the owners (ma’er) own farm where subsequently other fishes were add into the pond to raise the quantity of babies, the result of which was disastrous! Such bloodlines were lost forever. What a pity when commercialism took over the quest for exceptional quality fish! Enjoy the pictures of the baby fishes.
1437739206233.jpg (1280×992)1437739209232.jpg (1280×1027)1437739211840.jpg (1280×859)
1437739214722.jpg (1280×853)1437739216632.jpg (1280×824)1437739219043.jpg (1280×775)
1437739221044.jpg (1280×624)1437739223917.jpg (1280×628)1437739226485.jpg (1280×734)
1437739229943.jpg (1280×443)1437739232469.jpg (1280×430)1437739235322.jpg (1280×436)
1437739235322.jpg (1280×436)1437739242542.jpg (1280×523)1437739244402.jpg (1280×710)
1437739247608.jpg (1280×675)1437739249506.jpg (1280×590)1437739252730.jpg (1280×791)

For the very first time, we are offering a few pieces of bullet head variety from p14 for sale. Such fishes are rare and hard to come by.

1437739374474.jpg (1280×485)1437739376530.jpg (1280×481)1437739379655.jpg (1280×483)
1437739383012.jpg (1280×595)1437739386036.jpg (1280×609)1437739388509.jpg (1280×473)

For those who follows the development of the Selama purebreed fishes since late last year, see the latest photos of those in the community tank as compare to those in the individual tank. All the best.

1437739506749.jpg (1280×680)1437739508477.jpg (1280×877)1437739510045.jpg (1280×724)
1437739513242.jpg (1280×853)1437739515134.jpg (1280×650)1437739518416.jpg (1280×855)
Latest Update On 11 JUNE 2015

Great news. 4 boxes of exceptional TGA arowana have finally arrived in Taiwan on 5 June 2015. Our fellow hobbyists in Taiwan can now share the joy of keeping exceptional quality pieces of P5, P10,P11,P12,P14,P25 and P26 fishes with the rest of us. TGA truly aims to be the global supplier of high quality and exceptional beautiful purebreed , mixed purebreed ( with wild fishes bloodlines ) and TGA Kerian Blue golden / blue Malaysia arowana for all to enjoy especially you.

TGA beautiful and exceptional quality fishes ready for the Japanese markets this summer Japan. here we come ! Arigato gozaimasu.

Pictures of Pond 25 selama purebreed fishes about 10 months old in a community tank .
Latest Update On 22 APR 2015
Great News. Our purebreed selama fishes (Pond 25) have again produced a batch of 13 precious babies on 21st March 2015 (different father) than the fish batch of August 2014. In view of this, we are ready to sell a few extra pieces of the August 2014 batch. It is a part of trinity policy to conserve and preserve purebred fishes. Just look at how they have grown. Its beautiful and unique colours and metallic shines clearly distinguish purebred fishes from TGA Kerian Blue. As you can see, each fish scales have many different colours compares to normal fish.
Our Pond 10 fishes are now 4 to 5 inches and are ready for sale. The father of pond 10 fish is a golden head. A fantastic golden /blueish fish. Just look at the picture of the father fish.
Our pride and joy “shiro” our platinum Malaysia Golden Arowana who is currently about 5 years old. Enjoy its beauty.

Just look at ours “Wild” pond caught fish at about 5 months old. Truly special specimen. These fishes were found swimming freely in the earthen pond (both pond 12 and 14)


Latest Update On 6 FEB 2015

Great News- For the very time, we have 3 generations of fish in Trinity, Pond 3 fish has become the latest father of 37 babies on 30th January 2015. Pond 3 fishes are actually the babies of pond 26 whose father is as per the pictures attached below. Just look at the blueish / metallic shine of both Pond 3 and pond 26 .Absolutely wonderful. Hopefully , some of the babies will be available for sale soon.

Pictures of parent fish taken on harvest date 30thjanuary2015 for u to enjoy. Just look at the intensity of colour. Special fishes raised specifically for special hobbyist like you . Also , some pictures of fishes from pond 5.

More pictures of Pond 25 selama fishes where some are now placed in individual aquariums. Only less than 6 months old but just look at the blueish/purpleish colour . With the passing of time , the blue/purple colour will increase together with the "spoon head" . Some specimens have actually developed the spoon head characteristics. Some of parents fishes have these features.

Pond caught/wild babies fish have develop very well . They were actually about 85 to 100days old when we spotted them swimming freely in our earthen pond before we caught them! As you can observe, their head and tail shapes are different from those raised by humans. Also , their colours are more intense than man raised fish.

Latest Update On 18th December 2014

Pond 14:Fish Check (22-11-2014)
22nd November 2014. Visual confirmation of father fish with babies in its mouth. What an incredible shot !!! Taken at night using touch light! Fish only surface for a few sec not an easy task.

Pond 14:Harvest Day

29th November 2014 Harvest Day . Very nerve wracking especially when one can see the first babies outside
the father's mouth. Harvested 32 babies .Age od development about 34days.

Pond 14:
Babies Incubation Tanks

Babies in incubation tanks some will be available for sale in February 2015.

29th November 2014
Very Very Rare Encounter:

After harvesting father's fish chip No:5329 . We found 4 fully developed free swimming babies in the main net swimming together with other river fishes of Malaysia . Later, found another 2 pieces swimming among the water plants at the edge of the pond which is currently very high due to monsoon season. First batch of babies without human intervention. Remarkable ! This is what almost wild babies arowana look like with minimal human intervention in its development. Look at the eye size , tail and head shapes. Not forgetting its fantastic colours. Truly beautiful and special pieces.

2hrs After Catching From The Pond

1st Day after Catching From The Pond

2nd Day after Catching From The Pond


POND 11 (22-11-2104 UPDATES)

POND 25 (22-11-2014 UPDATES)